Featured Employer: Tassel Ridge® Winery

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About Tassel Ridge Winery

Open seven days a week, the Winery includes a Tasting Room, Gift Shop, and Visitors’ Gallery. Wine and Food pairing events, including Wood Fired Oven Pizza, Small Plates, and three-course dinners are scheduled throughout the year, and Bistro Lunch is served most days.

Work Completed

11_Tanks03 1500px 300dpiTassel Ridge has approximately 65 employees including a Vineyard Crew, Cellar Staff, Tasting Room Staff, full-time Chef, Sales Representatives, and Ambassadors. The Ambassadors are based across Iowa and do wine tastings in Tassel Ridge retailers located in their areas.

IMG_3808 1500px 300dpiHot Job Opportunities

  • Full-Time Sales Representatives
  • Tasting Room Coordinator
  • Part-Time Tasting Room Staff
  • Part-Time Ambassadors



Sales Representatives

COV Aerial024_8-16-09-AD-1500px 300dpiTassel Ridge has six full-time Sales Representatives that begin and end every day from the Winery in Leighton except when out on overnight sales routes. They sell and deliver wine throughout Iowa, while continuously identifying new retailers and maximizing sales opportunities.



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