An Attitude of Gratitude

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With Thanksgiving on Thursday and everyone spending time with loved ones and considering the things that they have to be grateful for, I wanted to take a minute to write about showing appreciation at work.  Our office offers A-Game training twice per month and the training focuses on soft skills in the workplace.  Appreciation is the seventh A, so let’s talk about how you can show it and how that benefits you.

Appreciation is described in the A-Game curriculum as the “Attitude of Gratitude”.  This attitude comes from the acknowledgement of good things and recognizing how much you really have.  Thanksgiving is all about the Attitude of Gratitude, but where does that show up in the workplace?  Appreciation at work is all about being grateful for the employment opportunity you have and the customers that make that opportunity possible.

No matter your job title, the primary responsibility with most jobs is to please the customer.  With customer service, the attitude of gratitude is paramount to being able to work with all kinds of customers to ensure that they want to continue coming to your place of business.  If you can remember to be thankful of every patron that shops your store or utilizes your assistance, then you will provide superior customer service that will keep them coming back.

So giving good customer service benefits the customer and your employer, but how does it benefit you?  Giving great service makes you stand out.  Customer service isn’t what it once was and we’ve all had bad experiences, so providing a good experience is more important now.  Providing good customer service also gives you good work experience in working with all kinds of people.  Quality service is easy to provide to nice people, but it’s the experience of working with challenging customers that build your skills.  Another benefit to you is that forcing yourself to be happy at work can help you make you happier at home.  Negative feelings pile up and carry over to your personal life; positive feelings boost your morale and self-esteem all around.

So when you’re around the kitchen table this week, grateful for friends, family, and turkey; remember to be thankful for the opportunity to provide service to others.

Happy Thanksgiving from IowaWORKS-Southern Iowa.


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