Employer Panel: Clow Valve

Employer Panel
Clow Valve is our featured employer for the month of September, so we chatted with Human Resources Manager Tiffany Tremmel and Human Resources Generalist Annie Hol about Clow’s hiring process and what they like about working at Clow.

What is your hiring process from application to hire?

All open positions are posted on our website at www.clowvalve.com. We only take online applications. All applications go into our applicant tracking system and are tracked by position, meaning you must apply for each position you qualify for. If you create a resume, this process is much easier.  Qualified applications are reviewed, then a call is placed to those applicants to verify prescreening questions and set up an in person interview. Interviews include the supervisor of the open position, a member of the HR team and a member from our Safety team. During the interview we explain company history, role expectations, facility tours with culture overview, and of we get more in-depth understanding of our candidate and if they will be a good fit for our organization. Once the best candidate for the position is found and a conditional offer of employment is made we do pre-employment work including drug screen, physical and background checks. Upon completion of pre-employment checks the orientation and on-boarding begins which includes training in HR, Safety, Environmental and then a qualifying period that is job specific, hands-on  training that is needed in that position.

 What position is most in demand at Clow?

Machine Shop: Experienced CNC Machinist, Valve and Hydrant Assemblers

Metal Casting Facility: Metal Grinders, Iron & Brass Melters and Molders

What qualifications are necessary for this position?

Qualifications for all positions are located within the job descriptions found on the careers tab of our website, www.clowvalve.com. Most qualifications for production positions are physical requirements, along with knowledge and experience in certain areas.

What positions do you have the most difficult time finding qualified applicants for?

Skilled Labor Including: High level Maintenance Mechanics with extensive, well rounded knowledge in all areas of maintenance including electrical.

What are the average starting salaries of entry-level employees?

Salaries are based on position and can be found along with the job description for all hourly positions on the website when they are posted.  Salaried positions are not posted but commence based on education and experience.



What is unique about your company?

Clow Valve, is a division of McWane Corporation and is family owned and privately held company. We are one of the top valve and hydrant manufacturers in the world and on the cutting edge of the water works industry. We currently employ approximately 400 team members within our three facilities (2 in Oskloosa, and 1 in Corona, CA). Clow Valve prides itself on providing our hourly employees with the best benefits around including:  Premium Free Health Insurance for great plan including family, Dental Insurance, STD benefits, pension plan and 401K and variety of other great benefits. Clow Valve Company invests in its team members by providing competitive wages and top rated benefits across the organization.

What is your favorite thing about working at your company?

Clow Valve Company is a small company feel with larger corporate initiatives.  You get to know team members and co-workers on a personal level while still being a part of a much larger organization.  Growth opportunities and development are a great part of working at Clow. Many of our managers, supervisors and other staff have all started within the company and developed into the positions they are currently in, which makes a great team.  Top this off with great wages, benefits, cutting edge organization and a family friendly work environment and this makes Clow a great organization to be a part of.


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