4 Reasons to Make a Resume with Google


I recently had the opportunity to attend Googlefest, a half-day training in Council Bluffs hosted by Google to discuss the programs and opportunities of using their products.  After that training I took the time to play with the apps and found a few reasons to use Google Docs when creating a resume.

Reason 1: Free!

Google Docs is free and available to anyone with a Google account and internet access.  Docs is Google’s answer to Microsoft Word and you can create similar files with both programs.  The advantage for Google is that though some computers don’t come with Microsoft Word, all you need to reach Docs is an internet connection.

Reason 2: Good Templates

Like in Word you can find quick templates that can be used as a starting point for building your own resume.  There are four resume templates available on the main screen with Google Docs, but a quick google search turned up this list of templates.  The four main templates all present a simple format that’s clean, easy to follow, and has little pops of color for design.  They’re customizable so you can take the basics of the template and move things around.  There aren’t as many options as Microsoft Word offers, but with some tweaks you can create a resume that looks as good as any Microsoft template.

Reason 3: Automatic Saving

The next two points are probably the strongest in Google’s Favor.  Your Google resume is being constantly backed up in an easy to find location: Google Drive.  Drive is another free application from Google that you have with a Google account.  It’s cloud-based data storage that will hold onto your files and save them as you update them.  If your computer crashes mid-resume writing, you can sign back on and pick up where you left off.

Reason 4: Your Resume is Always Available

This is the biggest perk – you don’t need a Flash Drive and you don’t need an email address to hold onto the file, it’ll be available to you as long as you want it on Google Drive.  Just go to Drive, login, and download your resume.  Drive is also available as an app for phones to keep the files on your smart phone if you’re applying that way.

Google Docs isn’t necessarily the best way to create a resume from scratch, but its ease of use and accessibility across computers make it a program worth trying out for any job seeker.


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