Employer Panel – Tim Ash

Employer Panel

With RELCO Locomotives being our Featured Employer for the month of July, we spoke with RELCO Human Resources Liaison Tim Ash about the hiring process, what they’re hiring for, and what he likes about RELCO.

What is your hiring process from application to hire date?

Review the applications, if they fit our needs; call them to set up an interview.  Most of the time, if the person calls me; I take that as a sign of follow through and interview them first, assuming they meet the requirements.

What position is most in demand?

Electrical, Welder/Fabricator, Mechanic are the open positions we have.  Electrical is where we need the most help.

What are the average starting salaries of entry-level employees? 


What are the required qualifications to work at RELCO?

Experience is always a plus.  Willingness to learn.

What makes RELCO a unique company to work for?

The entire process of watching the rail cars come in, some 40-50 years of age, beat up and broken down, being stripped down to the frame, being rebuilt with new parts and slowly taking shape.  Repaired, rebuilt, repainted, brought back to life, and then turned loose.

What is your favorite thing about working at RELCO?

The people here are great, from all types of backgrounds and geography.  They take pride in what they do.



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