5 Tips for Finding a Summer Job


With summer comes swimming at the lake, grilling on the deck, and plenty of reasons to be outside.  It can also provide an extra opportunity for high school or college students to find a seasonal job for some extra spending cash.  Here are five quick tips on how to find a summer job.

1 – Know What You Want

Before you get started, figure out what you want out of a summer job.  Are you looking for a job experience where you can gain skills that make you more employable in the future, for something where you will make a little pocket money, or for something that will keep you outdoors all day?  This can help narrow down your job search.

2 – Network

Ask around.  Talk to family, friends, neighbors.  Know what other students are doing for the summer.  Watch Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat for any references to employment and follow up with a question on what the job is and how to get it and use those same channels to tell people you’re looking for work.  The best way to get a seasonal summer job is the best way to get any other job.

3 – Move Your Feet

Walk in and ask employers if they’re hiring for seasonal summer help.  A lot of employers don’t heavily publicize their need for seasonal help because they know the workforce will find them, so you have to go find them.  Think of jobs that can use summer help and walk in to apply.

4 – Build a Job

There are some summer job opportunities that let you be your own boss.  Mowing lawns, walking dogs, and babysitting are jobs that are perfect for the season.  To be successful though will take some work, starting with marketing your service around the community.

5 – Volunteer

If you’re not sure you want a job but you’d like to build some skills for your resume or college applications, be a volunteer.  If you can volunteer somewhere that is in your career path, then you can gain experience that will help you gain employment later.  This works as another way to network as well, because volunteer experiences are a great way to gain references.

Whatever you decide to do with your summer, make sure that you use your break effectively.  The long break from school gives you the chance to see, do, or learn something you might not otherwise have time for during the school year, so take the opportunity!


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