Construction Equipment Simulator Coming in April

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We posted a Save the Date flier last week on Facebook about the Construction Equipment Simulator that is coming to IowaWORKS-Southern Iowa April 19-22 and to follow up we wanted to expand on what that means.

What is the Construction Equipment Simulator?

The Construction Equipment Simulator is a joint project with Iowa Workforce Development, IowaWORKS and Hawkeye Community College to encourage women and minorities to safely try construction equipment.  A Walmart Foundation Grant has provided the necessary funding to bring equipment simulators to IowaWORKS offices around the state, so that populations that might not otherwise think about running heavy construction equipment have an opportunity to learn about non-traditional construction jobs.  The simulator then gives them a chance to experience hands-on construction equipment operation simulation with professional supervision.

What equipment will be simulated?

Equipment that can be simulated includes a backhoe, an excavator, bulldozers, road graders, and welding equipment.

Why is this opportunity targeting women? 

Iowa Workforce Development completed a Gender Wage Equity Study which showed that female hourly wage earners in Iowa make 25% less than males, and that the reason for this gender wage gap is that women tend to select female-dominated career fields with lower pay, and men tend to select higher wage, male-dominated occupations.

The latest PROMISE JOBS Employment and Wage Report showed construction to be the second highest paying industry for men engaged in the PROMISE JOBS program, and there is data to show that this is an industry with projected growth in job openings and wages.

What does it look like?

If you’d like to see the simulator in action, KIMT in North Iowa has a story with video that you can see here.

How can I participate?

The Construction Equipment Simulator will be open to the general public by appointment in the IowaWORKS-Southern Iowa parking lot from April 19th-April 22nd, 9 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.  Appointments will be approximately thirty minutes.  To schedule an appointment to use the simulator, call the IowaWORKS-Southern Iowa office at (641) 684-5401.


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