Putting It All Together

Putting it all

The Southern Iowa Job Fair is a joint production between IowaWORKS-Southern Iowa and Indian  Hills Community College, and a team of approximately ten representatives from both organizations work together to pull off the event.  The team is responsible for inviting employers, arranging for speakers, and marketing the event to the public.   Two people that work on that team are Brenda Noe from IowaWORKS-Southern Iowa and Alice Dial from Indian Hills Community College.  Brenda has been a Business Services Representative for the last three years and in that role has organized and attended several job fairs and Alice has been working Job Fairs at Indian Hills for the last seventeen years.  We took the opportunity to chat with both to see what information they had about the Southern Iowa Job Fair.

IowaWORKS-Southern Iowa Blog: How many employers are you expecting to attend the Southern Iowa Job Fair?

Alice Dial: Last year we had 99 presenters and over 550 people walk through the door to the IHCC Advanced Technology/IowaWORKS Career Fair—and that was without the Health Division!!

IowaWORKS-Southern Iowa Blog: What are the major career fields that will be represented?

Alice Dial: Indian Hills Community College has many Advanced Tech and Health Programs. These are the types of jobs that our presenters are trying to hire for.

IowaWORKS-Southern Iowa Blog: What resources are available at IowaWORKS that can be used to prepare for the job fair?

Brenda Noe: IowaWORKS is having a class on March 11th at 9 a.m. to prepare for the job fair.  I would encourage them to come into the center to utilize staff members on the skills floor to work on resume writing.  IowaWORKS has InterviewStream programs to practice interview skills as well.

IowaWORKS-Southern Iowa Blog: Do you have any advice for attendees who might miss a company that is attending only one day?

Alice Dial: If a job seeker misses a company, –as always–they can contact IowaWORKS, or they can contact the Human Resources Department of the company directly by searching for the company’s website online.

Brenda Noe:  I would research the company and look for open positions and their process for applying for the position.  I would contact the IowaWORKS office to find out about open positions and their process for applying for the position.

IowaWORKS-Southern Iowa Blog:  As someone who has attended multiple job fairs, what is one tip you’d give to a participant planning to attend a job fair for the first time?

Alice Dial: The best piece of advice I can give someone coming to the job fair is to be prepared.  Have many copies of their resume to hand out and dress appropriately as if they were going to an interview.  Have them practice introducing themselves and have questions for the presenters at the booth.  That will make a great impression.  If they are particularly interested in a company, research that company online so they know the right questions to ask.

Brenda Noe: Check our Facebook page for the list of the companies that are coming, know the companies you’re interested in, research possible open positions at those companies, and work to tailor a resume to those specific companies.  Prepare a general resume to take for other companies once I got there.


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