Southern Iowa Job Fair Resource Guide

Southern Iowa Job Fair Resource Guide

The Southern Iowa Job Fair is on March 15th from 2-5 and March 16th from 8:30-11:30 at the Hellyer Student Life Center on the Indian Hills Community College Main Campus. While the majority of employers are coming both days, some employers will be only coming one of the days. 

So what’s the purpose of this list?  If you’ve been watching our videos the last few weeks, you’ll know that it is important to be prepared for specific employers.  So here is every employer currently slated to attend, what day(s) they will be there, and a link to a corporate website and/or Facebook page.  Do your research!  Know what employers you want to talk to and know something about what they do!

If you attend the Southern Iowa Job Fair, let people know about it on Social Media by tagging it with #SoIAJobFair!

Video: The Quick Pitch
Video: Job Fair Resumes
Video: What to Wear to a Job Fair
Putting It All Together: Talking to Members of the Team Behind the Southern Iowa Job Fair

Full List-

Updated 3/14/16

3D Systems (Wednesday) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

3M Abrasives Systems Division (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon   

3M Electronics Materials Solution Division (Tuesday) Apps-Home-icon  

ACT (Tuesday) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

Agri-Industrial Plastics (Wednesday) Apps-Home-icon  

Ajinomoto Heartland, Inc. (Tuesday) Apps-Home-icon  

Ajinomoto North America, Inc. (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

ALD Vacuum Technologies, Inc. (Both Days) 

The Baker Group (Wednesday) Apps-Home-icon   

Barilla America, Inc. (Tuesday) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

Bazooka Farmstar, Inc. (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

Bemis, Co. (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon   

Bovard Studio, Inc. (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

Bridgestone Retail Operations / Firestone (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon  

Cablevey Conveyors (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

Cambridge Investment Research (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

Care Initiatives (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

Cargill (Tuesday) Apps-Home-icon   

Christner Contracting, Inc. (Tuesday) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

City of Ottumwa (Tuesday) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

Clow Valve (Wednesday) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

Co-Line Welding Inc. (Tuesday) Apps-Home-icon   

Columbus Nebraska Area Chamber of Commerce (Tuesday) Apps-Home-icon   

Comfort Keepers (Wednesday) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

Communications Engineering Co. (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

Community 1st Credit Union (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

Cunningham, Inc. (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

Danfoss Power Solutions Company (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

Davis County Hospital (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

DeeZee Manufacturing (Tuesday) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

DES Employment Group (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

Dr Pepper Snapple Group (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon   

East Penn Manufacturing (Wednesday) Apps-Home-icon   

Electronic Contracting Company (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

Emerson Process Management-Fisher (Tuesday) Apps-Home-icon   

ESCO Group (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

Fairfield Castings, LLC (Wednesday) Apps-Home-icon  

Galaxy One Dish (Wednesday) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

Harold Dickey Transport, Inc. (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

Hawkeye Pedershaab (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

Heartland Home Care (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon  

Hormel Foods Corporation (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon  

Hurst Review Services (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

Hy-Vee, Inc. – West Des Moines (Wednesday) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

Hy-Vee, Inc. – Chariton Distribution Center (Tuesday) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

Interpower Corporation (Tuesday) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

Iowa Department of Transportation (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

Iowa Energy Independence Americorps (Both Days) 

Iowa Solutions (Tuesday) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

JBS USA – Marshalltown (Tuesday) Apps-Home-icon  

Jefferson County Health Center (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

Jetco, Inc. (Wednesday) Apps-Home-icon  

Katecho (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon  

KTVO-TV (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

KYOU-TV Fox 15 (Tuesday) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

Mahaska (Tuesday) Apps-Home-icon   

Manor House (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon   

Manpower – Ottumwa (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

Manpower – Pella (Tuesday) Apps-Home-icon   

MC Machinery (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon   

Mercy Medical Center – Centerville (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

Mercy Medical Center – Des Moines (Tuesday) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

Millwright Careers (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon  

Monsanto – Muscatine (Tuesday) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

Musco Sports Lighting, LLC (Wednesday) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

National Guard – Ottumwa (Wednesday) Apps-Home-icon  

Optimae Home Health (Wednesday) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

Optimae Life Services (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon  

Osceola Food, LLC (Both Days)   

Ottumwa Courier (TBA) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

Ottumwa Radio (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

Ottumwa Regional Health Center (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

Particle Measuring Systems (Tuesday) Apps-Home-icon  

Pella Corporation (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon  

Pella Regional Health Center (Wednesday) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

Pella Scrubs (TBA) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

Plastipak (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon   

QPS Employment Group (Wednesday) Apps-Home-icon   

R.S. Stover Co. (Tuesday) Apps-Home-icon  

RACOM Corporation (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

Relco Locomotives (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

Rozenboom, LLC (Wednesday) Apps-Home-icon   

Schneider Trucking (Wednesday) Apps-Home-icon   

Scribe America at Ottumwa Regional Health Center 

South Des Moines Army Recruiting Center (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

Southeast Iowa Electrical Apprenticeship (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon   

Subway (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link

Tassel Ridge Winery (Tuesday) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

TECHSTAFF (Tuesday) Apps-Home-icon   

Temp Associates (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

Texas Instruments (Tuesday) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

The IMT Group (Wednesday) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

UnityPoint Health (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

Vermeer Manufacturing (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

Wal-Mart (Tuesday) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

Walsh Electronic Security (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon  

Wells Enterprises Inc. (Tuesday) Apps-Home-icon   

West Liberty Foods, LLC (Tuesday) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 

WomenREACH Group (John Deere) (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon  

Worksource, Inc. (Both Days) Apps-Home-icon  Facebook Link 



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