Join Our Team: How to Find Job Listings on a Corporate Site


When networking about a job search, you’ll routinely hear about jobs that aren’t advertising but are open.  Some of these jobs are just taking walk-in applications or asking for referrals from company employees without advertising a job, and sometimes these jobs no longer exist.  To seek out a specific job, sometimes it can be best to go straight to the source instead of waiting for the advertisements to post.  In this case, that means going straight to the company.

A job bank will host many job opportunities that you can separate by location, by date posted, or by job keywords.  They’ll show you how to apply and then direct you to the corporate application process.  A corporate site though will narrow the available jobs down to just the jobs available in that company.  This is helpful if you’ve heard that an employer is hiring and can’t find the job opening or if you know of an employer in the area that you want to work for you can keep checking in on their openings.  Here’s the step by step of how to look for work on a corporate site.

Find the Company Page

Google, google, google.  Type in the company and click search.  If they have a website, you should find it here.  If you’re looking for a small place of business, try including the business’s location in the search, for example search “Sirloin Stockade Ottumwa” instead of just Sirloin Stockade.  I don’t know if there are any others out there, but I wouldn’t want to apply to the Sirloin Stockade in Tampa, Florida.

Find the Job Openings

Short of the application itself, this is the tricky part.  Usually the link to open job opportunities is going to be at the top of the page or the bottom of the page.  Start by looking for the words “Careers” or “Job Opportunities”, and if you’re not seeing that, look for different phrases like “Join our Team!” that is an employment opportunity.  If none of these work, try looking into the “About Us” or “Contact Us” sections of the page to see if it’s there.

Find the Specific Opening

If you’re applying to a business with more than one location, you’re probably going to have to search the site the same way that you would search or another job bank.  Searching by location is the quickest way to narrow down a specific job you’ve heard about.  Once you’ve narrowed it down, get the job description and treat it like any other application.

The best online tool for a job search is a bank of jobs, so you can just dive in looking for all of the jobs in the area, but a corporate website can be a quick way to get around the job bank search to find the exact job you want.


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