Making Your New Year’s Resolution a Reality

Steps to Achieving common

If you set a New Year’s Resolution like around 40% of the US population last week, you’re most likely still on track, so congrats on how well you’re (probably) doing!  Since we have your dedication to your goals, we thought it’d be a good time to pitch some ideas on help you stick it out and fulfill your resolution!

Resolution #1: I want to have more money

This one seems like the obvious one for IowaWORKS to help you with, because we have a number of free classes in our office dedicated to helping you find employment and increase your skills to broaden your earning potential.  If you’re currently unemployed or underemployed, IowaWORKS wants to help with that!

If that is your resolution, our first suggestion is sign up for our one-week Job Readiness classes.  These classes teach participants about how to handle change, resume writing, job interviews, networking, soft skills in the workplace, and Money Management.

If you can’t take off for a full week to attend classes, we have individual workshops that might suit your specific need, or our Skills Floor is staffed daily by workers that will help you build a professional resume and weed through online job applications.  If you can’t make it into our building, you can still practice interview skills on InterviewStream!  Answer normal interview questions into a webcam or your phone’s camera and then play them back to judge how you’re doing!

If you have a job that pays well enough but just don’t have money left over at the end of month, try Envelope Budgeting, as explained by Dave Ramsey –

Resolution #2: I want to go back to school

A few programs that you might be interested in looking into could include:

  • Did you know that Iowans no longer study for a GED? The GED was replaced by HiSET (High School Equivalence Testing) in Iowa.  If you want to receive your High School Equivalency Degree, there will be orientations at IHCC campuses in February.  In the Ottumwa area or for information about schedules in satellite campuses, contact the Community Education Center at 641-683-5189.
  • The PACE Program and the GAP Tuition Assistance Program at IHCC are two programs that can help you with the cost of some college training! The PACE program can help students who meet certain guidelines with costs associated with college including child care, transportation costs, tuition, books, and career needs, while GAP Tuition Assistance can pay for tuition for eligible students in approved continuing education, non-credit, certificate training programs that are in-demand.  For more information or to download an application, check out the link above.
  • If you aren’t sure what programs you’re interested in, are worried about the FAFSA application, or have had some issues with student loans, I’d strongly recommend the Educational Opportunity Center on the IHCC Main Campus. They can help with all of those problems and several more.  Call to set up an appointment at 800-726-2585 ext. 5315.

 Resolution #3: I want to learn how to use computers

  • IowaWORKS-Southern Iowa holds a Free Basic Computer Skills class most Wednesdays from 1-3. Each student will be taught based on need, so it can be the perfect environment for someone that has never touched a computer or someone wanting to brush up on Microsoft Excel.
  • If you can’t make it to a class, GCF Learn Free is a great FREE resource online with lesson plans that will take you through setting up an e-mail, learning Windows, or working through Microsoft Office.

Whatever your resolution, there are plenty of resources out there to help get you in the right direction.  One of the best indicators for successful resolutions is to tell others about your goal, so just going to a resource and telling them your New Year’s goal will make you more likely to achieve it!


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