Holiday Tips for the Workplace

Holiday Tipsfor the Workplace.jpg

Since we’re in the holiday season, we thought it’d be fun to share five gifts to job seekers in the form of articles to help them navigate the time around the workplace.  Happy Holidays from IowaWORKS-Southern Iowa!

  • Holiday Hope! How to Leverage the Holidays for a Successful Job Search from
    • There’s a lot of information out there that say the holidays are a difficult time to job search, but even if you’re not having a lot of luck finding the perfect job at the end of the year, the season grants many unusual opportunities to build upon your network.
  • 20 Do It Yourself Secret Santa Gifts from Bustle
    • If you’re struggling with the right gift to give your Secret Santa recipient and want something cheap but from the heart, take a look at some DIY ideas!
  • 5 Holiday Season Volunteer Ideas from Nations Well
    • If you’re having a hard time finding employment around the holidays, remember that they open up a host of new volunteering opportunities to build up your resume and also expand your network!
  • 10 Career Resolutions for the New Year from
    • Most of us have sat down and came up with personal resolutions for the holidays, what about making resolutions for what you want to do professionally this year?

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