Network to Success


An overwhelming number of job opportunities are now available online.  Some studies say that more than 50% of medium companies and 100% of large companies use internet applications to find candidates.  Despite this though, the most successful way to find a job isn’t filling out a dozen online applications a day.  The most successful way is networking.

By networking, we mean talking to people that you already know or people that you meet to ask them to assist you with your job search.  This assistance can include information about open jobs, research into a company, or some job interview tips for specific jobs.  Your network is EVERYONE around you:  your family, your friends, your neighbors, or the person you chat with at the convenience store each morning.  They are all possible referral sources to a job that you want to have.

Why network?

  • Because it’s the best way to find a job – There are plenty of studies about how people find jobs, but the studies consistently point to the idea that networking is still the best strategy to find a job.
  • Because it is a way to find out a job before the internet – If your friend knows that so and so in accounting put in their two-week notice, it can be a good time to try to put your foot in the door.
  • Because not every company lists their jobs online – Believe it or not, there are still some companies that do not advertise open positions online. Even if they do post the job, you can’t see everything on the internet.  If they only posted on Monster and you’re an user, you’re missing an opportunity.  Having your network in the search with you broadens your search.

A common barrier to networking is embarrassment or not feeling comfortable enough to ask for help.  Don’t be shy!  Many people are happy to help someone in their network if they are able.  They just have to know that you need help.  Let people know you’re looking for a job and if they know of anything to let you know.  Simple as that.

With the holiday season going into high gear, it’s the best time to network!  Christmas parties, family dinners, and people in great spirits all can help you find a new job for the New Year.  Eat some ham, compliment the sweet potatoes, and ask everyone to keep you in mind when they hear about exciting job opportunities.


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