Recently we talked about the ways to do a job search online.  In that post, we talked about Job Banks.  Today we’re going to walk through how to use the Iowa Workforce Development Job Bank, which is located at  The jobs listed on this website are those that are posted with IowaWORKS by employers and also jobs from around the internet that are indexed into our system.

The first step is to go to and click on Search for Jobs.  Easy enough.


The next step will require registering with our service.  You can look at jobs by clicking advanced search, but without a username and password in the system, you won’t get very far.  If you have ever been to an IowaWORKS office you’re probably already registered with a username and password.  If you are unsure of this information or can’t remember your login information, you can call our office at 641-684-5401 to find your username and have your password changed.  If you haven’t signed up before, check the Applicants Register & create an account link on the side of the page.



The system may take you through some basic information about your work history, education history, and skills.  Once that’s completed you’ll end up on this page.  If you haven’t created a resume with our system yet, you’ll be asked for more information which takes your information and formats it into a resume.  We are going to move along though as if you’ve already taken this on and click the Job Search link.


Now we’re here, the job search.  When you completed the resume information, it asked about your job search preferences.  At the top you can see this user selected within 5 miles of 52544, which is Centerville, IA.  The jobs are initially lined up by “Match”, which our system develops based on your stated work history and interests.  You can change what order the jobs are on by clicking any of the titles circled in red.  The jobs will organize newest-to-oldest, or alphabetical by job title, employer, or location.


When you click on a job you’ll get a screen that looks like this.  It will give you a job description for the position with information you’ll want to know for the application.  If you’re interested, click on the Show Me How to Apply button at the top of the screen.


When you click the Show Me How to Apply button at the top, you’ll get this popup.  It should tell you the job title and the employer, along with information about how to apply.  This job tells you to apply online and gives a link.  Some jobs may tell you an email address or mailing address to send a resume, others may tell you to come to IowaWORKS-Southern Iowa to fill out an application (a hint to know that is if the apply online link goes to a url with iwd at the beginning).



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