Five Good Career Blogs

5 Good Career Blogs - IowaWORKS-Southern Iowa Blog

There are some universal accepted truths for job seekers to remember.  You should dress nicely for job interviews.  You should put your contact information on your resume.  Very rarely would someone disagree with these two statements.  However, there are plenty of opinions that aren’t as agreed upon.  Resume formatting, interview answers, and job fair strategies can vary from expert to expert.  Thanks to the internet there are always plenty of experts with a place to put their opinions.

Our best advice is to find some sites you like (hopefully including this one), bookmark them, read their thoughts, and adapt them to the ones that best match you.  To get you started down that road, we picked out five good career blogs that we follow for information and an article from each that can give you a good feel for what kind of information you can find on the site.

The Daily Muse

Recent Article Suggestion:  9 Surefire Ways to Become the Person Everyone Respects

The Undercover Recruiter

Recent Article Suggestion: 6 Super Smooth Job Hunting Tips – James Bond Style

Career Hub Blog

Recent Article Suggestion: From Wishy-Washy to WOW Job Interviewing

ManPower Career Coach Blog

Recent Article Suggestion: 6 Steps to a Successful Job Search

Mashable Jobs

Recent Article Suggestion: How to Support Your Coworkers and Advance Your Career at the Same Time


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