October Employer Panel

Employer Panel

Every month we talk to an employer or group of employers to get their advice for job seekers for what to do when job seeking. This month we talked to Laura Rasmussen with QPS Employment about what she’s looking for when someone applies to QPS.

What do you like about your job?

The bottom line of my job is letting people know about the open jobs positions at QPS Employment Group. I enjoy helping people find employment. It’s all worth it when I see someone who started with QPS Employment Group get hired with the company they were working for through QPS. That person now has a stable job and is able to provide and put food on the table for their family. It’s a great process to be part of!

What are you looking for when you read a job application, cover letter, or resume?

    • Is the resume organized, are words spelled correctly
    • Does the format flow
    • Paragraphs vs. bullet points. Employers will not take the time to read full paragraphs
    • Are there any gaps in the person’s work history? If so, why?
    • The average amount of time an employer spends looking at a resume is about 10 seconds
    • Are action and past tense verbs used to start each bullet point?
    • Are skills included
    • Clear concise and to the point – Organized

What is the most common mistake you’ve seen made in job interviews?

    • People taking over the interview and do all the talking the entire time. Let the interviewer ask the questions and don’t interrupt when the interviewer is talking.
    • Don’t be the victim – When the interviewer asks you why did you leave your last place of employment, don’t blame why you left on someone else.
    • Answering “I don’t know” to an interview question. This shows that you can’t think quick on your feet. Do your best to answer the interview questions.
    • Limiting your availability – If you can only work 9AM – 12PM Tuesday and Thursday, you may not be able find a job very easily.

How long does the “average” hiring process take from application to start date?

At QPS – within 24 hours.

Will you hire people with a criminal background? If so, do you have advice for someone with a criminal background to be hired?

    • Yes
    • Be honest and forth coming
    • Don’t start the conversation by saying, “I have a criminal background, will you hire me?” This starts the conversation out in a negative light
    • Don’t make up elaborate stories about what happen, just present the information and move on.

Do you have any recommendations for someone with a short work history or a work history with large gaps?

Be able to explain and identify what you were doing when you weren’t working.

Is there anything about the hiring process you’d like to mention that hasn’t been asked?

Remember you are there to impress your potential employer and not the other way around.


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