Finding Jobs Online

Finding Jobs Online

The movies depict job searches going a few different ways. One favorite is the person who walks into a store with a Help Wanted sign on the door, taking the sign with them to apply for a job. Another frequent montage is the character that needs money fast grabbing the local newspaper and a red ink pen to circle all the best opportunities in the area and heading out to each place with a resume in hand set to a tune like “Taking Care of Business”. Job searching is moving further and further away from Help Wanted signs and classified ads and towards the internet. With the ability to reach more people and cheaper costs, it makes sense for companies to be putting their openings online and letting the candidates find them, so we want you to be the person with the right tools for the search.

There are several ways to find out about job openings online, we’re going to briefly talk about three:

Use a Job Bank

A job bank is a large collection of job openings similar to the classified ads in the newspaper. There are several online that you can use. As an IowaWORKS blog, we should stress that if you live Iowa you should be using . Because of the relationship IowaWORKS builds with local companies, frequently has jobs listed that you won’t find elsewhere. After you complete your registration you can also access the Focus Career section, where all of the jobs from are listed along with indexed jobs from around the internet. Other popular job banks are,, and  When using these sites you can organize by job you’re looking for or location.  Watch out for “Statewide” listings that may show up as local but need you to move somewhere else.

Search the Company Site

This is most effective when you’ve heard a company is hiring and you want to know how to apply. Go to and search for the company, find their homepage, and then find a link to their job openings. Usually this link will be at the top of the page or the bottom, so scan those areas of the page for words like Careers, Our Team, or Employment. If all else fails try a Contact Us button and there may be a link to an application if it is nowhere else to be found. Most companies list their job openings online, even if they don’t require you to fill out an application on the internet.

Social Networking

We’ve touched on this before, but there are ways to find a job through your social networks. The first thing you can do is tell people that you’re looking for work. The most successful job search strategy is being referred by a current employee, so perhaps one of your hundreds of friends knows about a job you’re perfect for but don’t know to tell you. DO NOT use this strategy if you’re currently employed as you won’t want your boss to see this search. You can also join employment groups on Facebook. Search for groups with the name of your town or other local towns and you might find an employment network. Like IowaWORKS and other organizations online that will tell you about open jobs and hiring events. Start a LinkedIn account and check out the jobs they have listed.

The classic ways of finding a job may still happen.  There are still Help Wanted signs being sold and classified ads in every paper.  More and more though the montage set to music happens in real life on a computer screen.  Make sure you’re using the right tools to find the jobs you want.


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