Focus Career: Using the Wizard

The longest part of writing any resume is the summary of your job skills.  Writing down all of the things that you may have done at every job you’ve ever had can be a time consuming process.  Focus Career, the resume builder available through, has a way to make this considerably easier.  It is a great program to build out a “Master Resume”, which is a complete resume of every job you’ve had and everything you’ve done at those jobs.

The first thing you’ll have to do is enter information about the job.  Watch your spelling and capitalization here and there’s no obligation to enter wages so don’t.


After that the system will take the word you entered for your job title and try to place it into a generic job category so that it can build out your job description for you.  Find one that best fits from the suggestions or find another job title from the list of categories underneath.


The system then builds out a list of questions for you based upon the generic job title to see if it fits the job you had.  If you’re answering “Never” to many of the questions, you can go backwards and select a different job from the list of categories.


The system will only allow you to show 12 skills under each job position on your resume, so you may have to pick which you want the most on your resume.


Finally it’ll give you a completed page for each job.  You can read through the job description.  It also brings in the job description you typed into your IowaJobs registration, so check to make sure that it makes sense with what you entered.


Once you’ve finished, go on to other jobs.  Remember that Focus Career is great for building a Master Resume, you will want to tune each resume for the job you’re applying for.


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