What To Do While Social Networking

What To Do While Social Networking - IowaWORKS-Southern Iowa Blog

Last time we talked about social media we focused on the pitfalls that are common among users of social networks. It’s easy to say that the best practice when it comes to social networking in a job search is to delete your accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and forever fight the urge to surf back in that direction. That’s not necessary! Social Networks are a practical tool to help find a job or better opportunities if you use them the right way.

Aerotek recently released an infographic to identify just how much help social media could be to a job seeker. They reported that over 18 million people credited Facebook in finding their job, 10 million on LinkedIn and 8 million Twitter users. So people can and have found work thanks to being present online. How do they do that? Joe Collins, Training Facilitator from IowaWORKS-Central Iowa had some helpful tips that he shared at the recent Association of Iowa Workforce Partners training.

The best way to find out about job openings is from your network of friends and family. What faster way to spread the message that you’re looking for work than by asking your friends for help. If you currently have a job you probably shouldn’t post a status update that says this:Don't Do This - IowaWORKS-Southern Iowa Blog

But send a few messages out to friends or family who you can trust saying you’re putting yourself out there and see if they know anything about job openings in the area. If you don’t have a job, ask if anyone knows about job openings in the area. People you haven’t talked to since High School are more likely to help you than someone you’ve never met.

Also keep control of your Google presence. Potential bosses are going to google you, so make sure they like what they see. A good way to control your Google search is to make an account on LinkedIn and keep it updated. That will make it more likely to be a top result when someone types your name into a search engine.

And lastly, like our site and other sites like ours. IowaWORKS-Southern Iowa shares its class schedules, hiring sessions, and hot job openings on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It’s the easiest way to stay in touch with opportunities afforded by the office. Search for employment groups in the area (try the Ottumwa Employment Network group on Facebook!). Find other agencies that post job openings or helpful professional development activities on their networks.



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