August Employer Panel

August Employer Panel - IowaWORKS-Southern Iowa Blog

In a new feature on the IowaWORKS-Southern Iowa blog we’re going to highlight a local employer and ask them questions related to their hiring process. If you have any questions related to the hiring process that you want to see asked let us know!

This month we spoke to Chelsea Bachman, Office Manager at RELCO Locomotives.

What do you like about your job?

I enjoy the new challenges each day and I also enjoy being able to help people get started on their career path.

What are you looking for when you read a job application, cover letter, or resume?

  1. Relative Job History
  2. Length of time at each job
  3. If no prior job experience, related degrees are crucial

What is the most common mistake you’ve seen made in job interviews?

Some applicants are unable to “sell” themselves. Employers want to hear why you should be hired and what skills you bring to the company. Be sure to explain where you want to be in five years, ten years, etc. Employers want employees who have goals for themselves and strive to do better.

How long does the “average” hiring process take from application to start date?

Typically three to four weeks.

Will you hire people with a criminal background? If so, do you have advice for someone with a criminal background to be hired?

Yes, be honest and up front about anything that may show up on a background check.

How important is appearance/hygiene in a job interview? Any tips?

Very important, dress to impress! Ensure you stand out in the interviewers mind. Do not wear a hat.

Is there anything about the hiring process you’d like to mention that hasn’t been asked?

Applicants should not be afraid to ask additional questions about the company. Ensure the company is the place you really can see yourself growing in. Make sure to share with the interviewers your skills and talents. Be prepared to share real life experiences in relation to the job title you’re applying for.


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