Writing Your Resume Letterhead

Writing Your Resume Letterhead- IowaWORKS-Southern Iowa Blog

Our first blog on resume writing told you that the summary is the top of your resume.  We might want to try looking at a resume again!  The summary is the first bit of created content to put on the resume, but sitting right above that on your resume is the resume letterhead.  Let’s go up a few lines higher on the resume and talk about the information you need to put in your letterhead so that you present yourself professionally to prospective employers.

The first thing to be certain of when writing your letterhead is that your name is on there.  There’s no getting around it, you have to have your name on there.  Just like we learned in Kindergarten, if you don’t have your full name on your paper you won’t get credit for the information presented.  You also want to make sure to include contact information including your home address, a working phone number and an email address.  That’s where it gets a bit tricky.

Write one phone number to reach you on your resume.  Make it a stable number.  If you’re using a prepaid phone and need to get the job before your card runs out, it would probably be best to find a different working number to list on the resume.  If an employer calls and gets a disconnect notice, they might just move to the next name on the list.  List a phone that you can answer, for example if your employer doesn’t allow you to take a personal call, don’t put down the office number as the one they should call.

Also, make sure that the employer will like what they’re hearing.  Ringback tones may be something that you enjoy, but an employer might not love hearing a Sir Mix-A-Lot classic when trying to reach you.  In the event that you can’t answer, be certain that the employer will be able to leave a message with a pleasant, professional voicemail message to listen to.  “Hello… Hello… HELLLLLOOOOOOOOO?!?  GOTCHA!” may be a riot when your best buddy falls for it, it isn’t when a potential boss hears it.

Your E-Mail address follows the same rules.  Obviously if you’re listing an email address as contact information, you need to be able to be contacted through that e-mail address.  Use a professional e-mail address on your resume.  LilBaby6242424@yahoo.com is perfectly fine for your friends that have called you Lil Baby since Pre-K, it’s not as endearing in the workplace.  Some combination of your name as an email address is the perfect way to go.  JohnDoe@gmail.com, doe.jane@yahoo.com, JohnAnthonyDoe@outlook.com, or Jane.B.Doe@msn.com, etc.

The letterhead is the easiest part of the resume because you don’t have to create any content; you just have to list your information.  So if you’re perfect for a job and you know it, you don’t your contact information to get in the way of getting you the job.


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